Camso (Camoplast) Peak 2.5 Snowmobile Tracks

Welcome to our Camso – Camoplast Peak 2.5 snowmobile track department. The Peak 2.5 series of Camso – Camoplast snowmobile tracks features:

  • Features alternating staggered and cupped 2.5-inch tall lugs
  • Has Camso radical new PEAK 2.5 sets a new standard for deep snow tracks, surpassing even the 2.5-inch Challenger Extreme and many proprietary tracks on snowmobile brands
  • 2.5 inch lug height for traction in bottomless powder and high peak climbing
  • Enormous angular lugs bite big and funnel snow under the snowmobile for outstanding flotation
  • Rigid lug support columns are optimized for soft and hard-packed snow
  • Stiff outer lug bars deliver better lateral control for improved handling

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