Camso 9968H96 Snowmobile Track and 96 Woodys Traction Master Studs Combo Kit

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This is a snowmobile track and stud combination kit. It features the Camso 9968H96 predrilled snowmobile track and 96 Woodys Traction Master Snowmobile studs, backer plates and nuts. All you will need to do is install the studs. The specifics:

Camso 9968H96 Predrilled Snowmobile Track

  • The 9968H96 Ripsaw track features aggressive angled profiles which result in outstanding forward and lateral bite on groomed trails
  • Predrilled with 96 holes to accept studs. This track can be used with or without studs.
  • Has a chopped lug design that means superior handling, acceleration and braking on hard-packed groomed trails
  • Its narrow lug base provides less rolling resistance for maximum top speed
  • Has rigid lugs that provide excellent durability and longevity for many miles of use
  • Technical information concerning this track:
  • 121 inches in length by 15 inches wide
  • The lug or tread height is 1.25 inches
  • Weight is approximately 39 pounds
  • Clips: Fully Clipped
  • Windows: All Open
  • Pitch: 2.52″
  • Ply: 2 ply
  • Camso – Camoplast SKU: 9968H96

Woodys Traction Master Series 96 Studs 5/16 1.325, 96 Backer Plates and Nuts

  • 96 Woodys Traction Master 5/16 1.325 Snowmobile Studs
  • 96 Woodys Square Aluminum Plates
  • 96 Woodys Nuts

See below for video review of the 9968H96 and Woodys Stud Kit Combo

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Video review of the Camso 9968H96 and Woodys Traction Master Stud Combo Kit