Snowmobile Tracks Canada

If you are located in Canada and are interested in ordering a snowmobile track, this page lists your shipping, payment and ordering options.

Snowmobile track shipping options for Canadian customers

Camso does not allow us to ship snowmobile tracks directly into Canada. Even so what we can do is ship the track to a location within the US, from which you can then have the track shipped onward to you. You have three choices, these are.

Have your order shipped to a relative or friend in the United States. In this case, simply use their address as the ship to address. Of course then you’d have to arrange for getting the item from the relative or friend to you. You’ll also want to review the possible duties and taxes you might incur upon re-entry into Canada.

Have your order shipped to a Border Store. Border Stores are businesses located in the US along the US and Canadian border that accept shipments on the behalf of Canadians. Border Stores simply accept the package on your behalf for a small fee.

Below is the list of Border Stores we are aware of:

  • Rydens Border Store located in Grand Portage, Minnesota. They accept the package on your behalf for a fee. You’ll have to go there to pick it up.
  • Ship To The Border They offer multiple locations located along the US and Canadian Border.
  • Cross Boarder Shopping Provides a list of ship to location

Use a Package Forwarding Services. Packaging Forwarding Services accept packages on your behalf, can arrange payment for merchandise on your behalf, can ship packages directly to you and usually help with determining duties and taxes. In case you can’t travel to the border to pickup your order, or if we have a problem processing your payment you’d want to use this option.

Below is the list of Package Forwarding services we are aware of:

Payment Options

For payment we can accept most Canadian credit cards. Note, there is no guarantee that our system will be able to process the credit card. You can also set up a Paypal account using a US address. Currently, our online ordering system is not setup to accept Canadian orders. But you can call to order, see below.

Ready to order? Call us at (607) 693-1031 M-F 10am to 4pm EST. For after hour phone support, leave us a voice mail or email us