Determining Snowmobile Track Pitch and Length

Wondering what snowmobile track pitch refers to? Want to know how to determine the length of your snowmobile track? Then this page is for you.

How Is The Pitch Of A Snowmobile Track Determined

  • Measure 10 pitches (the distance between 11 cross bars)
  • Divide that measurement by 10
  • If the 10 pitch distance measured is 25¼” the pitch is 2.52”
  • If the 10 pitch distance measured is 30” the pitch is 3.0”
  • If the 10 pitch distance measured is 285/8” the pitch is 2.86”

Watch the video below for a further explanation of pitch concerning snowmobile tracks

How To Determine The Length Of A Snowmobile Track

  • Count the number of crossbars on the track
  • Then multiply the number of crossbars times the pitch
  • Example: 54 pitches x 2.86” = 154.44” (this track is called 155 by one OEM and 154 by another OEM

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