How To Choose Your Next Replacement Snowmobile Track

Selecting the correct replacement snowmobile track for your sled can be very confusing. Often the sales literature isn’t clear on how you go about picking out that correct track. In addition, there are over 140 tracks to choose from. Both of these factors results in those shopping for replacement snowmobile tracks becoming confused.

To help you out, listed below is information we’ve collected over many years of selling tracks and talking to people just like you. In addition to the information list below, you can always contact us and we’ll guide you through the process of picking out and purchasing the correct replacement track for you and your sled.

First, you need to know what size of track will fit on your snowmobile. There are four primary dimensions to concern yourself with. These are:

  • Length
  • Width
  • Lug or tread height
  • Pitch

The easiest way to determine the size of track that belongs on your sled is to reference a snowmobile track fitment guide. These fitment guides will indicate the length and width that will fit on your sled. Here is the link to our snowmobile track fitment guides. Of course, you can also just contact us and we”ll indicate what size track will fit your sled.

What about lug- tread height? – Unfortunately many of these fitment guides lack information concerning lug height. The general rule to keep in mind is, the taller the lug height – tread the more concerned you need to be whether that lug height – tread will clear your heat exchanger.

Second, what conditions do you ride in the most – For example do you ride mostly on groomed trails, a combination of on and off trail, or do you spend most of your time off trail? For example, if you spend most of your riding time on groomed and/or hard packed trails, going with a deeper lug track isn’t going to work well. On the other hand, if you’re off trail riding in deep powder, you’ll need a deeper lug track if you are going to go anywhere.

Another way to look is where you do most of your riding. For example, those in the North Eastern states generally don’t need a deep lug mountain track. On the other hand, those in the Western mountains aren’t going to do well using a shorter lug track.

Third, what style of snowmobile rider are you – For the casual rider, a general replacement track might be all that you need. For those looking for high performance, you’ll want to choose a track that lends itself to that riding style. For those that rider off trail in deep powder you’ll want to consider a track with a deeper lug.

Finally, do you have the tools and technical know how to replace the track yourself or will you need to hire it out. Replacing the track isn’t rocket science, but you do need the correct tools and knowledge concerning what you are doing. If you don’t think you have the ability to change out the track, you’ll have to find a repair shop to do it for you.

In summary, there are many factors that go into choosing the right replacement snowmobile track for your needs. You can start shopping by visiting our snowmobile track fitment guide which will tell you what track length, width, lug height and pitch fits your sled. Or you can simply contact us and we’ll help you pick out the right replacement track for your sled.