Inspecting Your Snowmobile Track For Wear

One of the questions we receive quite often is, what do I look for to determine whether my snowmobiles track needs to be replaced? Well, there are several things to look for when inspecting your sleds track to determine whether it needs to be replaced. Listed below are some of the most common wear to look for on your snowmobiles track.

  • Worn or broken lugs – Worn and broken lugs will hinder acceleration and braking. This condition will be pretty obvious when looking at the track.
  • Dry rotting – The track will have tiny cracks in the material. This is often due to age and/or improper off season storage.
  • Worn or broken track clips – Broken guide clips will accelerate wear on the hyfaxes and cause a lack of performance.
  • Obvious damage – This includes tears in the track, pulled through studs which are no longer present, shredding and more.
  • Worn or broken inner drive lugs – This condition can cause track slippage as well as can cause the track to come off during riding.

For more information on checking your snowmobiles track for wear, check out the video below and view the official Camso (Camoplast) track inspection document.

A worn track can present both safety and performance issues. You should inspect your sleds track periodically looking for signs of wear. If you any questions, need help in picking out the appropriate replacement track for your snowmobile and/or are ready to order call us at 607-693-1031 M-F 10am to 4pm EST. Or us our reach out to us via email 24/7.