New Snowmobile Tracks for the 2020 Snowmobile Season

For 2020 Camso – Camoplast has come out with one new series of snowmobile tracks. It is the Camso Epic snowmobile tracks. The Camso Epic series of snowmobile tracks are designed for those who ride in deep mountain snow. It is available in 153, 156 and 162 track lengths with a 2.8 inch lug height.

Other new Camso snowmobile tracks

In addition to this new series of snowmobile tracks, Camso has added a few tracks to pre-existing series of snowmobile tracks. These new tracks are:

Camso also discontinued several models of snowmobile tracks. The snowmobile tracks that have been discontinued are 9356R, 9357R, 9220MSE, 9009H, 9146H, 9291C, 9292C, 9316C and 9793T.