Snowmobile Track Lug Height Considerations

A common question we receive at Sledtrack is, “whats the tallest snowmobile track lug height I can use on my sled?”

Once you’ve determined the length, width and pitch of snowmobile track that will fit your sled, then you’ll need to figure whats the appropriate lug height for your sled. There are many factors to consider when choosing the appropriate lug height for your replacement snowmobile tracks. These include:

  • How much clearance do you have in the tunnel, especially around the bulk head. If you put too tall of a lug height on your sled, the track will hit the tunnel and/or bulkhead
  • If you are studding the track, you’ll have to take make sure the studs clear the tunnel and bulkhead as well
  • While you might want to put the tallest lug your sled can accommodate in there, but remember your sleds engine needs enough power to handle the taller lug
  • A larger lug track will put more stress on the hyfax creating more friction
  • You can lose top speed with a larger lug track
  • Most, but not all riders will need no more than an 1-1/4 inch tall lug track unless they are doing alot of boondocking, off trail riding or are riding in deep powder such as that found in the mountains
  • Older sleds in particular will benefit from a lug height of 1 inch or less. Reason being many older sleds are air cooled and a larger lug with tax the engine
  • See the video below for more information on lug height considerations

We hope this information has been useful to you. If you need more help in choosing your replacement track and/or if you’re ready to order you can:

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