Snowmobile Tracks One Ply Vs Two Ply

A commonly asked question is, what is the difference between a one ply and two ply snowmobile track? (Note, one ply is sometimes called single ply.)

First, when you look at a snowmobile track, you won’t find much visually that indicates whether the track is one ply or two ply. What you’ll need to do is look at the specifications for the snowmobile track you are looking at. At Sledtrack we list whether the track is one ply or two ply in the product description.

Second, the key differences between a one ply and a two ply track are:

The single ply track is going to be lighter and has less rolling resistance and normally uses less gas than a 2 ply track. It also has a lower internal friction which means you’ll use less gas.

The two ply is better for studding and high speed runs as it will balloon less off your front drive sprockets. So if you are going to stud your track, go with the two ply track.

We hope you found this information about the differences between 1 ply and 2 ply snowmobile tracks useful. If you have more questions visit our website or contact us M-F 10am to 4pm EST at 607-693-1031. You can also contact us by email by visiting the website.