Arctic Cat Snowmobiles with Diamond Drive and Reverse

If your Arctic Cat sled has the diamond drive and electronic reverse, a track with special clips must be used to clear the diamond drive case. The tracks that offer these special clips are shown in the table below.

If your sled has mechanical reverse, Camso does not offer a track for your sled. You must purchase your track from a Arctic Cat dealer

If you need further technical support, either call us at 607-693-1031 M-F 10am to 4pm EST or contact us via email and we will help you out.

Track Model NumberTrack ModelGuide Clip ConfigurationTrack WidthTrack LengthTrack HeightTrack Pitch
9040HRipsawguide clip AC compatible151281.252.52
9110HHacksawguide clip AC compatible1412812.52
9201HIce Attack XTfactory prestudded151281.222.52
9215HRipsaw IIguide clip AC compatible151281.252.52
9234HHacksawguide clip AC compatible1512812.52
9141CBack Counttyguide clip AC compatible151281.752.52