Shop Prestudded & Predrilled Snowmobile Tracks

Shop for a snowmobile track that comes pre-studded or predrilled for traction studs. Camso – Camoplast offers several models of snowmobile tracks that come with the studs (picks) already installed. They also offer a few pre-drilled tracks that allow you to stud the track yourself.

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Pre-Studded Snowmobile Tracks

Purchasing a track that comes with the studs already in the track will save you a lot of work. It prevents you from having to buy a track template, tools, and the studs. There are four model lines of Camso snowmobile tracks that come pre-studded. These are the Camso Ice Attak, Ice Storm, Ice Ripper XT, Ice Attak XT and Ice Cobra.

Pre-drilled Snowmobile Tracks

Another option is to purchase a pre-drilled snowmobile track. These tracks come with the holes already made for adding studs. If you’re a fan of the more traditional studding and want to add your own picks / studs.

Snowmobile Stud Packages

Note, we offer a few snowmobile stud packages designed to go with the pre-drilled snowmobile tracks. If you are interested in a snowmobile stud package, take a look at our snowmobile stud package page.

Watch this video for an overview of the differences between types of studded snowmobile tracks.

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