Camso 9029H Ice Attak Snowmobile Track


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  • The 9029H Ice Attak is part of the Ice Control Enhancement Technology (ICE Tech) series of snowmobile tracks
  • Comes factory pre-studded which results in improved traction
  • Has a HackSaw derivative lug design for good top speed and handling on hard-packed snow
  • Stud pattern features 31 separate traction points
  • Application – Notes: ICE Tech-Sharp Stud SP Tech
  • Technical information concerning this track:
  • 136 inches in length by 15 inches wide
  • The lug or tread height is 1.063 inches
  • Weight is approximately 43 pounds
  • Features 297 studs built into track
  • Clips: Fully Clipped
  • Windows: All Open
  • Pitch: 2.52″
  • Ply: 1 ply
  • SKU: 9029H
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