Used Snowmobile Tracks

Each week we receive a few calls and emails asking about used snowmobile tracks. We do not sell or have any used snowmobile tracks available. But since this is such a common question we have created this page to help you out in case your heart is really set on buying a used snowmobile track.

First – Why don’t we sell snowmobile tracks? Liability, plain and simple. Its not worth it for us to take a risk with a used snowmobile track.

Second – Do you guys take trades of snowmobile tracks? No, we do not. You’re better off selling your track yourself.

What do we recommend if you really want a used snowmobile track? Here are some options if you really have your heart set on a used snowmobile track. Use common sense while shopping. Realize that you’re buying something that has been used and could be damaged. Ask for closeup photos of the track or even a video. Once you receive the track, inspect it very closely. We have a snowmobile track inspection page that can help you with that.

Make sure you know what length, width, lug height and pitch your snowmobile takes. No sense in buying a used track that does not fit your sled. If you need snowmobile track fitment help, visit our snowmobile track fitment guides.

Where to find that used snowmobile track? Here are some places to look for that used snowmobile track.

  • Ebay – Search ebay for the track. Most likely you’ll end up having to pay shipping. This might be the safest option for you.
  • Craigslist – Look at your local Craigslist for a track. This will allow you to go take a look at the track in person.
  • Salvage yards – There are many snowmobile salvage yards out there. Search Google and you’ll turn up some.

If you can’t find the right used snowmobile track for your sled, then you should you know we offer a wide selection of new snowmobile tracks at discount prices.